EDC G-Hook Belt

The EDC G-Hook belt uses an ITW G-Hook as a buckle, mil-spec 1" nylon for adjustments, and 1.5" scuba webbing to act as an ultra stiff base layer for your belt. To make this belt, we start by sewing together 2 layers of 1.5” nylon scuba webbing for the high stiffness and strong base and then attach a 1" thin mil spec nylon for exact adjustments to size. Velcro is sewn in to ensure that your adjustment strap stays in place, and then an ITW G-Hook is added to complete this great belt. The belt can adjust over 4 inches outward and 2 inches inward with stiff support, especially in the appendix region due to the overlay of webbing so that it can accommodate your gear or fluctuations in size. All belts allow you some flexibility on how you decide to wear it, and are backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Webbing Color
Buckle Color
Custom Thread Color (Must add this as an option!)

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