EDC Slim Cobra Belt

The EDC Slim Cobra belt is just like our EDC Cobra Belt, except it uses the newer slim Cobra FM buckle. Just as stiff and comfortable to carry your firearm, but with a slimmer buckle! We start with 2 layers of 1.5” nylon scuba webbing for the high stiffness and strong base, add a 1” AustriAlpin COBRA™ FM buckle (aluminum alloy with 800lb working capacity) due to their great track record for strong, long-lasting buckles, and attach the buckle with a 1" thin mil spec nylon for exact adjustments to size and added stiffness to make this belt. The belt can adjust over 6 inches outward or inward with stiff support, especially in the appendix region due to the overlay of webbing.

Webbing Color
Buckle Color
Custom Thread Color (Must add this as an option!)

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