EDC Cobra Belt

The EDC Cobra belt is very popular style since it is a great option for those who want a belt that fits great and can easily be adjusted 6 inches outward or inward with very stiff support. We start with 2 layers of 1.5” nylon scuba webbing for the high stiffness and strong base, add a 1” AustriAlpin COBRA™ buckle (7075 aluminum alloy) due to their great track record for strong, long-lasting buckles, and attach the buckle with a 1" thin mil spec nylon for exact adjustments to size and added stiffness. While it isn't required since most pants have belt loops that will do this just fine, you also have the option of adding mil spec elastic (as shown in the coyote photos) or velcro to keep the front layers aligned together and your adjustment strap down. All belts allow you some flexibility on how you decide to wear it as well as room to adjust to get the exact size you need.

Webbing Color
Buckle Color
Custom Thread Color (Must add this as an option!)

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