Cobra Duty Belt

The Cobra Duty Belt with an inner velcro liner is a great rigid belt that will support your gear and won't let you down. Very similar to the 1.5" Cobra Belt, we use 2 layers of 1.5” nylon scuba webbing (2,000lb breaking strength) with a 1.5” AustriAlpin COBRA™ buckle (7075 aluminum alloy) and finish it with a layer of velcro loop lining the inside. Not only does the velcro allow you to keep your attachments in place and add to the stiffness of the belt, but it also helps the belt locked in place when paired with our Inner Duty Belt. With the 1.5" width this belt will fit through all size belt loops. All belts allow you some flexibility on how you decide to wear it as well as the room to adjust up or down to get the exact size you need. ​

Webbing Color
Buckle Color

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