Our mission is to produce top of the line equipment in the U.S.A. using only the best materials possible! Free Shipping for a limited time!

Our belts are extremely stiff and offer all the support you need, whether you're carrying your favorite firearm, you've got a full compliment of tools, or you just need to keep your pants on. They come highly recommended due to their ability to deliver excellent durability and adjustability so you can always get the perfect fit.

Handmade in America

With Decagon Equipment, you are getting a product that was cut, assembled, and sewn by hand in Houston, Texas. You are supporting a family business that cares about their products, customers, community, and country.

Lifetime Warranty

We build our products tough enough to last a lifetime, but if you ever have an issue then you don't need to worry since you have a lifetime warranty. We keep it simple and you don't have special conditions or terms that you must abide by. If the product doesn't work, we will make it right.

Customer Service

As a family owned business we know how import customer service and customer satisfaction is. Count on each interaction with our company being a positive and productive experience. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have a quesiton or need help. Click here to contact us.